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The title screen for Willy's Beach.

Willy's Beach is a comedy film from Thomas Productions made in the summer of 2009. The movie was released in four parts on YouTube on September 6, 2009. A trailer for the movie was also released a few days earlier.

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Willy's Beach takes place as the first episode in a new reality series by Willy, the creator of many other reality shows. Willy chooses two contestants to play Willy's Beach. In it, the two contestants compete in 3 challenges. The contestants are British pop mega-star Buns Duddley. The other contestant is LARPer Daniel Lancaster, better known by his LARP name Morgoroth. The winner will be crowned Son of the Beach.

Challenge 1

The first challenge is to create a theme song for Willy's Beach. Buns uses his hit single "I Like Cheese In The Nighttime". Daniel rips off "The Ecstacy of Gold". Buns wins because his song is original.

Willy introducing the show.

Challenge 2

The second challenge is a sandcastle making contest. Daniel employs his LARP techniques to win the challenge this time around.

Challenge 3

The third challenge is a duel to the death, rendering the other two challenges useless. The two contestants take the fight up a large flight of stairs, where ultimately, Daniel kills Buns. But Buns' assistant, the Russian bodyguard Hanz, kills Daniel, and Willy crowns Hanz Son of the Beach.

Daniel and Buns dueling during the final challenge.

In the aftermath, a public funeral is held for Buns and Daniel, although no one showed up. Hanz moved back to Moscow and opens up a salon. Willy's Beach receives incredibly low ratings and is pulled off the air after just one episode.


This movie was filmed at Capitola Beach, California, where Detective Awesome and the Case of Vial Three was filmed. The entire movie was structured around the beach, although the areas that were filmed in Capitola were not only the beach, but a beach house and the town as well.

The original two contestants that TP thought up to play Willy's Beach were a trucker/redneck hillbilly and a self-absorbed teenager, to be played by Layne and Kevin respectively.


  • Kyle as Willy
  • Layne as Buns Duddley and Announcer
  • Kevin as Daniel Lancaster and Hanz