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Thomas Productions' current logo.

Thomas Productions, Inc. or TP is a home film-productions company based in California. They have been making movies since 2001, but didn't use the name Thomas Productions until February of 2003. TP consists of 3 members: Layne Thomas, Kyle, and Kevin.


TP's very first film was called The Kidnapper. They used Layne's camcorder to film and was never edited, only put in VHS. The boys were ages 7 - 9 and knew little to nothing about filmmaking. But they enjoyed it so much, they created a second movie, which was most likely taped over and will be lost forever. They continued making films and still do, now using advanced filmmaking techniques and filming all over California.

When TP got a new HD camera, they created two films to test the camera. They also like to make movies based off of current events, such as Halo News and The Tige.

Key Works

TP is most famous for their comedy machinima Marlin the Elite and live-action comedy series Detective Awesome.

They also take pride in their longer films, mostly shown in more than one part, such as: