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The Tige (slang for "Tiger") is a video created by Thomas Productions and released on January 13, 2010. It is 5 minutes and 45 seconds long.thumb|300px|right


Two hard-core Tiger Woods fans are given a prediction by a magical Guru, saying that Tiger will be in a car crash. The fans dismiss this, convincing themselves that it won't happen. Two days later, they are proven wrong. The Guru comes back and makes another prediction, this time saying that Tiger Woods will cheat. The fans are confused by this and are not sure what the Guru means. Six days later, they find out. They are crushed. The Guru arrives again, and makes a final prediction: Tiger Woods is a terrorist. Right when the Guru dials 911 to alert the

Layne and Kevin in "The Tige"

authorities, Tiger Woods appears in the doorway and hits the Guru in the back with a golf club.

Behind the Scenes

It took Layne, Kevin, and Kyle quite a while to come up with this video idea. It was filmed on two seperate days. There is also a video of outtakes from filming. It was filmed around the same time as My Pet Monsta.