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"The Switch" is a four minute, live-action video created by Thomas Productions and released on January 27, 2012.


Kyle dislikes this switching idea

Kevin confesses to Layne that he is jealous of him. As it turns out, Layne is also jealous of Kevin. The two decide to switch lives for a day. Layne goes to Kevin's house and plays Skyrim on his Xbox, messing up and killing his character. Meanwhile at Layne's house, Kevin is trying to edit a video, but is having trouble with operating the software. Layne then tries to read Kevin's collection of Eragon books, but falls asleep. At the same time, Kevin attepts to record the voice of Marlin the Elite, only to discover that he forgot to plug in the microphone. Layne and Kevin then try to play each other's instruments, but fail miserably. They reunite and concur that their idea was bad. Kyle, who is also sitting in the room, then announces that he has a brilliant idea: switching lives with Layne's cat. Kyle then pounces on Layne.


Behind the Scenes

  • For fun, Kevin also edited a version of the video, which can be seen here.