The Audition Show is a video created by Thomas Productions and released on January 29, 2010. thumb|right|300px|The first Audition Show videoA sequel, The Audition Show: Dance Edition, was created and released on March 6, 2011.

The Audition Show (Original)Edit


Three judges are having singing auditions. The first guy who comes in (who identifies himself simply as "Mr. Beans") sings Happy Birthday, which he somehow managed to auto-tune. The judges reject him. The second contestant (named Rico Ricola) sings the theme song to the 1980s James Bond movie The Living Daylights, but his broken English and broken pitch get him kicked out (one judge even tells him to go pee in the woods). The last contestant (named Mel Harold Hornpipe) sings his own composition, consisting of a high, drawn-out note ending in a yell/growl. Nevertheless, the judges like what they heard, and applaude him. When he asks if he should sing it again, one of the judges replies, "Absolutely not." The video then abruptly ends.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The Audition Show was filmed on the same day as the video Basket Pros. Kevin had come up with the idea for this video in 2009.

The Audition Show: Dance EditionEdit


The same three judges are having dance auditions. The first guy to come in is Willy from Willy's Beach. After talking about his new shows, he shows them his dance. Once complete, Willy leaves, assuming he got "three yeses". All three judges reject him. The next contestant is a hippie named Hoseph Joseph, wthumb|300px|right|The second Audition Show videoho performs a dance to rase awareness of ocean pollution. The judges enjoy the dance, but reject him because they don't want to deal with him for a whole season. The last contestant named Adolf Hitler (who is reluctant to share his unfortunate name), performs an ape dance (as seen in Kevin's Great Idea). Two of the judges don't see the point of it, but one wants to see more. Adolf offers to show them a version of the dance where he's a sloth. All three judges shout "Nooo!", and the video ends.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • An outtake video was released on March 11th that showed some of the flubs that occured while filming.


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