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The TPCast is the official podcast of Thomas Productions, Inc., created and hosted by Layne Thomas, Kevin, and Kyle. They use the podcast to inform fans of the latest TP news, as well as other topics they find interesting (such as Halo, video games, and movies).


The Thomas Productions podcast was first started in the Fall of 2006. The first three episodes were not released on the internet. The very first episode released to the public was TPCast #4, which was released on October 20, 2006. The podcast used a service called Gcast to release their episodes until January of 2007, when they switched over to a new feed run by Podomatic. The podcast stayed there until the Spring of 2009, when the TPCast switched to a new feed (and its current location) in order to have more storage space.

Episode StructureEdit

The early TPCast episodes were very distinctively structured, with each episode having a set of show notes to guide the hosts. This eventually stopped, and the show switched gears to a more casual approach. Current episodes usually begin with news about Halo and other topics of interest, which then dovetails into TP news and updates, along with any emails and voicemails received. The team then finishes off with a segment titled "Sheepdog Movie Reviews" in which a puppet sheepdog (though only heard) asks them what they thought of a current movie. The sheepdog sometimes gives his input as well.


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