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St. Patrick's Day is a live-action video made by Thomas Productions and released on March 17, 2010 (St. Patrick's Day). An Easter themed sequel to this video, called Easter Surprise, thumb|300px|rightwas made a year later and was released on April 24, 2011.


Layne invites Kevin over to his house on Saint Patrick's Day to tell him something importaint: he's a leprechaun. Kevin is scepticle at first, but after some questioning sees that Layne is serious. Kevin then asks Layne for his pot of gold since he found him. Layne then leads Kevin on a hunt for clues that'll lead to the pot of gold. At the very end, the pot of gold turns out to be a cupon to an Irish pub. Infuriated, Kevin searches for the real pot of gold. But right when he finds it, he is shot by Layne. Layne then proceeds to tell Kevin that the whole thing was a joke and that he wasn't really a leprechaun, but it's too late; Kevin's dead.

Behind the Scenes

The original idea for the video came from Layne, which was then fleshed out more by Kevin and Kyle. Only Kevin and Layne appear in the video, with Kyle filming. A blooper reel was released a couple days after the video.