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"Slow Walkers" is a short, live-action video created by Thomas Productions and released on January 20, 2012.thumb|300px|right


A guy is walking down the sidewalk, minding his own business, when he comes across someone in his way, walking incredibly slow. Annoyed by this, he tries to go around him, but is unsuccessful. He then asks the slow walker to go faster, which he refuses to do. In an attempt to annoy the slow walker, the man steps on the back of his heels. After this tactic fails, he pretends to get a phone call from his doctor, saying that he has a contagious and fatal disease. This does little to make the slow walker move, knowing what the man is trying to do. The slow walker declares that the man "shall not pass," lifting his arms to the heavens. The man takes this opportuniy to slip past the slow walker and contiune at a comfortable pace. Just when he thinks his problems are behind him, another slow walker cuts in front of the man.


Behind the Scenes

  • This was the first video filmed using a new shotgun microphone, and the second shot with a brand new Canon camera.