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Professional Courtesy

The burglars peek through a doorway (from top to bottom: Kyle, Kevin, Layne)

Professional Courtesy is a live-action video created by Thomas Productions and was released on June 27, 2014.

Plot (spoilers)

A burglar breaks into a house only to discover it is being simultaniously robbed by two other burglars. They argue about who should get the house's loot and decide to use their IDs to randomly draw a winner. The homeowner unexpectedly returns home, and the burglars scramble to hide themselves. They attempt to sneak out the front door, but not before ditching their pile of stuff. Once outside, one of the burglars realizes his bus pass is missing. It was mistakenly left, along with the other IDs, in the abandoned pile of loot, which the homeowner discovers.

Behind the Scenes

The movie was helmed by Layne as a film project for school. The concept was concieved in December of 2013. Further pre-production planning, including storyboarding and rehearsals, occured in the following months. Shooting took place over the course of two, seven-hour sessions on February 8th and 9th 2014. By the end of March, there was a rough cut of the film. Because of other projects and obligations, the final cut of the film wasn't completed until June 2014. Bonus footage from the video was released in July 2014.

More behind the scenes info on Professional Courtesy can be heard on episode 80 of the TPCast.