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Osama's Lucky Day is a machinima video created by Thomas Productions and released on May 13th, 2011.

The end title for "Osama's Lucky Day"


Osama wakes up in his compound in Abadabad and hears someone at the door. When he asks who it is, the man on the other side says he's delivering a pizza. Osama relizes that he didn't order a pizza, but the delivery man says it wa already payed for. Unable to resist, Osama opens the door. The delivery man gives him the pizza and leaves. Right as Osama starts to say "It must be my lucky day," he gets shot in the back of the head.

Behind the Scenes

  • From conception to completion, the entire video took less than one day to make.
  • The video was created entirely by Layne.
  • The video was released on Friday the 13th, giving even more irony to the title of the video.
  • A person can be seen in the lower right of the screen during the first second of the video. While this was unintentional, it could be explained that it was one of the Navy SEALS sneaking in.


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