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Layne as Mastercroft

"Now Hiring" is a half-hour long video filmed on-location by Thomas Productions, and released on July 28, 2011. Every summer, they travel to the beach to make a movie there.


"Now Hiring" follows a successful business executive names Mastercroft as he searches for an assistant to help him reveal his next product to the world.

The first man he comes across is Damon Wheeler. Damon isn't quite perfect, but can get the job done. The second man is a drug dealer named Skullsmash Demonforge. Mastercroft like Skullsmash's "style" more, so he hires him to introduce him during the reveal.

Skullsmash drugs Mastercroft the night before the reveal. Mastercroft decides to do the reveal live on a webcast because he is so sick, and during the webcast, Skullsmash stabs Mastercroft and reveals that he works for a counter-terrorist unit, and has information that connects Mastercroft to the Taliban. Mastercroft says that it's only a feature in his product called the "Tally-banner".

Fearing he is going to die, Mastercroft gives his company to Damon. A year later, Damon has run the company into the ground. Damon asks for a job at Skullsmash's counter-terrorist unit, but Skullsmash says he was fired, and is back to selling drugs.



  • The movie was intended to have a running length of 10 - 12 minutes. The final cut is over 30 minutes long. A shorter 17 minute cut is in existence, however, it has not been publicly released.
  • The entire story was plotted out by Kyle. Although his vision for the story remained intact, the film was directed as always by Layne Thomas.