Layne as the Big Bad Boss in Detective Awesome and the Day Job Whodunit (2009)

Layne Thomas is the head creator of Thomas Productions, Inc. He directs, edits, films, acts, and composes music for Thomas Production videos.


Layne first started getting interested in filmmaking in 2001. He made a short movie called The Kidnapper with his friends Kevin and Kyle. Though the movie is completely laughable now, it was the starting point. He advanced to editing movies on programs like Digital Blue and Pinnacle. Soon, he recieved a Mac and started using Final Cut.

He continued to refine his skills, and then decided to brach out into the relm of machinima (the process of making a video with video game footage) using the Halo 2 engine. He came up with the character of Marlin the Elite, an orange Elite that was somewhat dumb and always ended up in trouble. The series took off, and soon he and his friends Kevin and Kyle were pumping episodes out. They still continue the series today, now using Halo Reach.


In 2009, Layne started composing music for TP videos. This was mainly due to the fact that YouTube had cracked down on copyright restrictions and did not allow its users to post videos with other music. Soon though, it became rather enjoyable. He now composes all-original music for the Marlin series, as well as other TP movies.

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