Layne Gives Up Coffee is a live-action video created by Thomas Productions and released on March 30, 2011.
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Kevin and Kyle celebrate in "Layne Gives Up Coffee"


Layne pours some coffe down the drain and exclaims that he's giving up coffee. Kevin and Kyle come running in, cheering. When asked what they are doing, they say that they're celebrating. Layne is surprised that they would make such a big deal out of renouncing coffee. Kevin and Kyle stop, and ask Layne if he said "coffee". When Layne says yes, they explain that they thought he said Gaddafi instead of coffee. They walk off.


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Layne pours some left over coffee from the coffee pot down the drain.

Layne: Bye bye, coffee. Your days of ruling my life are over.

Immediately after the sentence is finished, Kevin and Kyle run in cheering and yelling in celebration, saying stuff like, "Good riddance!" and "That's what you get for putting people down!". Layne is dumbfounded.

Layne: Guys, what are you doing?

Kevin: What do you think we're doing?! We're celebrating!

Layne is still confused.

Layne: Wow, I didn't know giving up coffee was that big of a deal. Kevin and Kyle stop.

Kyle: Wait, did you say coffee?

Layne: Yeah, I said I'm giving up coffee.

Kevin and Kyle realize their mistake.

Kevin: Ohhhhhhhhh... we thought you said you were giving up Gaddafi!

Kyle: Sorry, our mistake.

Kevin and Kyle walk out. TP beep.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • Layne Gives Up Coffee was filmed on the same day as the video April Fools.


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