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Kyle as Willy in Willy's Beach (2009)

Kyle is a co-founder of Thomas Productions, and is the brother of Kevin and is a best friend of Layne.


Kyle's first role in a TP film was their first movie, The Kidnapper, in which he played a kid being kidnapped. He usually plays supporting characters in TP films, especially since he plays such a big part in the pre-production of the films, although he also plays main characters very often as well. He often comes up with main plot ideas and also is the cameraman for many parts of their films. His sophisticated comedic style fits the over-the-top style of TP's films, but his inability to remain entirely serious on-set requires "funny" shots in films to be shot more than once because he will begin to laugh.


Kyle as Lyle is Sunset Old Folk's Home (2009).

Key CharactersEdit

Kyle has played many characters in Thomas Productions films. Here are a few notable ones:

  • Cotton Swab, Grandma, Cory Von Sexy (Marlin the Elite)
  • Dr. Scar, Dog's Assistant, Dr. Doggy Dog, Shisisky ^q, Walter Disaster (Detective Awesome series)
  • Willy (Willy's Beach)

Key CreditsEdit

Kyle is credited with the ideas for many of Thomas Productions's films. This is a list of films that were Kyle's idea (incomplete):

  • Over half of the episodes for Marlin the Elite
  • Super Kyle
  • Running Riot
  • Happy Fourth of July!
  • The Serial Realtor
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