Kevin in Quantum of Solace Infomercial (2009)

Kevin is a co-founder of Thomas Productions, brother of Kyle and is a best friend of Layne.


It was Kevin's idea to make the very first TP film, The Kidnapper, back when TP had no comedic or acting talent whatsoever. That first movie helped TP to evolve into what is now known as Thomas Productions.


Kevin as a punk in McJuice.

Kevin's first role in a TP film was in the Kidnapper. He played the film's main character, an unnamed Kidnapper. In later films, he also plays mostly the main characters, if those are not played by Layne. He is more of an actor for TP than anything else; he has very little to do with stories or the filming of movies (although he has come up with some movies and does film when needed), and is mostly seen in front of the camera. His comedic style benefits TP's comedic films, but his on-set antics often prevent the swiftness in which a film is produced.

Key CharactersEdit

  • Lemon Man (Marlin the Elite)
  • Detective Awesome (Detective Awesome series)

Kevin as Detective Awesome in Detetive Awesome and the Day Job Whodunit.

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