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Horse at Queer Crow the stylist's barber shop.

Horse's Horrid Hairdo is a 2009 comedy film by Thomas Productions, Inc. It is the first film where they utilized a high-definition camera, and was originally going to be just a test video for the camera, although it evolved into a full movie. Another film, however, was produced to test the camera as well. Horse's Horried Hairdo was released on January 9, 2009.


Horse is playing Guitar Hero III, and sees a character with a mohawk. The then realizes how horrid his own hairdo is, and sets out to find a stylist.

A puppet named Enzio runs into Horse, and tells him about a stylist. Horse asks Enzio to lead him to this stylist, which Enzio does.

The stylist is a bird named Queer Crow, who gives Horse a new hairdo. Horse then bounces off the door, and bounces all across the entire room, hitting crew members Kevin and Kyle. Layne, also present in the room, tries to escape, and makes it out just in time before the room explodes.

Horse and Queer Crow.


  • Layne as Horse/Himself
  • Kevin as Queer Crow/Himself
  • Kyle as Enzio/Himself