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thumb|right|378pxHalo 3 Dance TV 2 is the second "Dance TV" machinima created by Thomas Productions. The video was originally released to YouTube on August 5, 2008, but was taken off when YouTube cracked down on copyright restrictions. The video can still be viewed on


The idea of the video is the same as the first Halo 3 Dance TV; it consists of a bunch of short music video-like segments, most of them comedic. However, one noticeable difference is that the segments are far more lengthy in "Dance TV 2".

Track List

The video features 12 songs, including:

  • Joy to the World - Three Dogs Night
  • Bad Moon Rising - Credence Clearwater Revival
  • Highway to Hell (AC/DC) - Iced Earth
  • Sweet Home Alabama - Lynyrd Skynrd
  • Penny Lane - Beatles

(for the full list of songs, see the end credits)