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Friend is a concept machinima by Thomas Productions, released on January 30, 2009. It was featured on

The Friend title screen.


A lonely Spartan is alone on one side of a wall, and wishes to get to the other side to have fun. He comes across an Elite, who he tries to void at first, but they eventually befriend each other. They grab a Warthog and drive towards the wall, breaking it down. They then grab individual Mongooses and ride up a large ramp. The Spartan lands perfectly, but the Elite overshoots his landing and flies off the edge of a cliff. The lonely Spartan is alone once again.

Crashing through the wall.


The concept behind this machinima was to get viewers to realize that the joys in life are dull without someone to share them with.

Cast and Crew

The entire idea for the film was thought up by Layne before Kevin and Kyle were brought in for puppeteering and tech help respectively.



  • Layne - Director/Editor/Concept/Set Designer
  • Kyle - Awesome Tech Guy