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Forbidden Love is a live-action video created by Thomas Productions, and was released on February 14, 2010.thumb|300px|right


A man has fallen in love with a can of refried beans and asks it to be his Valentine. However, "Refried" has fallen for a can of Garbanzo beans and has already asked them out. Jealous, the man throws the Garbanzos in the trash and proceeds to shoot them. The Refrieds go on to explain how he and the Garbanzos were going to get married and maybe feed the homeless. Refried then refuses to talk to the man, leaving him devastated.

Behind the Scenes

The plot and the script for this video were produced solely by Kyle. The script did not go through any alterations. The video was shot relatively far in advance, on January 30, 2010. Lots of the shots of Kevin were achieved by actually putting the camera in the refrigerator.


Kyle - Refried Beans, Writer

Kevin - The Man

Layne - Director, camera man, editor