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Easter Surprise is a live-action video created by Thomas Productions and released on April 24, 2011. The video is a sequel to the video St. Patrick's Day, which was released the previous year on March 17. thumb|300px|right


Similar to St. Patrick's Day, Layne wants get something off his chest. He calls Kyle over to tell him. Kyle suspects that Layne killed someone, but besides Kevin (who was killed in the previous video), Layne has not done so. Layne then reveals that he's the Easte bunny. Kyle can't believe it at first, but eventually accepts it. He questions Layne about being the Easter bunny, such as precautions against hunters. Kyle then has the idea of killing Layne and mounting his head above his mantle. Kyle pulls out a knife, but Layne is able to escape. Kyle chases after him. Eventually, Layne finds himself cornered. Kyle approaches Layne with the knife, but Layne grabs it from him and stabs Kyle with it. As he falls over, Kevin pops up, confused. Layne is shocked that he's still alive. Kyle seems to be uninjured as well. They are both disappointed in Layne, and don't want him to pretend to be any other holiday characters, with the exception of Mrs. Claus. They then start hounding Layne, calling him "Mrs. Claus" and telling him to go to the kitchen to make them food. As Layne walks off, the two of them follow and continue to harass Layne.

Behind the Scenes

  • Like St. Patrick's Day, outtakes for Easter Surprise were later posted
  • At one point in the video, Layne hides from Kyle in a cage. Originally, Kyle was going to capture Layne and put him in the cage himself, but the idea was dropped to keep the video moving.