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Basket Pros is a video created by Thomas Productions and released on January 22, 2010. thumb|300px|right


The video shows two characters (Kevin and Kyle) trying to shoot a basket and missing, while a song plays in the background. Eventually, Kevin's character gets frustrated and slams the ball into the ground, only to have it bounce up and make a basket. The two are shocked. They then try to high-five each other, but miss.

Behind the Scenes

The Basket Pros title

The idea for this video came about while filming the ending of My Pet Monsta. Kevin and Kyle started coming up with ways they could try and shoot a baskets, and they thought it would make a great video. They filmed it the next day. Layne then created the song "Basket Pros" to go along with the video. The full verson can be downloaded here.

This was filmed on the same day as The Audition Show.