A Day in the Life of a Stuntman is a video created by Thomas Productions and released on January 12, 2011. It is their first video of 2011.



A stuntman (played by Kevin) is required to jump off of a roof for a scene in a movie. As he is preparing for his stunt, a crewmember (Kyle) is sent to give the stuntman some nurishment (cashews). The stuntman grabs some and eats them without looking. When it's revealed to him that he just ate cashews, the stuntman exclaims that he's allergic to cashews. As soon as the director of the film (Layne) calls action, the stuntman keels over and begins to slide off of the roof. The director and a physicist (hired to insure the safety of the stunt)

Kevin as the stuntman

wait in anticipation for the stuntman to fall off of the roof and complete the shot. The stuntman comes to a stop just short of the end of the roof, his legs dangling off the edge. The director then shouts out his dissapointment.


Behind the ScenesEdit

  • Kevin was originally supposed to eat peanut M&Ms instead of cashews, but none could be found.
  • Off camera, the character of the physicist was nicknamed "John Lennon".


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